Forget expensive sub-dividing costs


Do you spend precious weekend time mowing and maintaining your backyard – even though the kids have long left home?  

Your backyard used to be a fun place, where the kids played cricket and ran through the sprinkler on a hot day. Where the dog chased frisbees and the washing on the hills hoist turned around in the wind until it was dry. Great days - and great memories.

But now your backyard has become a weight around your neck, at a time in your life when you’d much rather play a round of golf or relax with your family or friends.


What if you could sell your backyard?

Think about it. If you sold your backyard, you could stay in your family home, and enjoy life with your backyard sale money in your pocket. You could also have a smaller and much more manageable backyard to enjoy in its place.

Smart PropertyOps are Backyard Buyers.  That’s right. We buy backyards. Backyards like yours that have been demanding care and attention for way too long.

So stop mowing and start living, with Smart PropertyOps.

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Smart PropertyOps is a unique Adelaide business that gives large, lump sum cash payments to South Australian homeowners for their backyards.

When you sell us your backyard, we fund and manage the whole process of sub-dividing your land to create a new lot, so a new home can be built on it. You won’t have to lift a finger – or pay a cent.

The process is streamlined from beginning to end - with our team of highly experienced property and sub-division specialists on the job.


Sub-dividing land is an expensive and complex process that many can find quite daunting.

On top of costs out of reach for many, extensive approval processes, State Government bodies to deal with, installation of utility connections, stormwater and sewerage, and creating the new Certificate of Title, as well as selling the land, it can be a very overwhelming process


We take away all the hassles of sub-dividing – and the cost – and we give you cash for your backyard.

You can turn your financial situation around and start doing things you’ve only dreamed about, such as take holidays, buy a new car, renovate the house, top up your super, help your family out. It’s all up to you.

If you are wondering if your backyard can be sub-divided, and you don’t have the funds or expertise to do it, then get in touch with us for a complete obligation free chat.




When you contact us, we’ll assess your land to see if it is suitable for sub-division. We evaluate the proposed land division against the requirements of Council development plans. We research your area for saleability, and then we provide you with a land valuation purchase price.

We need to follow these steps to make sure that sub-dividing your property will be a viable project for us to take on, and that we can provide you with an attractive financial outcome – so it’s a win/win situation for all.


Every property has a unique set of circumstances, but our network of highly experienced project coordinators, surveyors, conveyancers, engineers, and real estate agents can manage them all.

Our experts streamline the entire sub-division process, from planning and lodgement, to sub-division, connecting utilities, and creating the new Certificate of Title.


If you decide to sell us your backyard, our team will get to work. We take care of everything. This includes:

  • Liaising with Council and providing draft plans of the new lot

  • Surveying the land and marking new property boundaries 

  • Preparing and lodging the land division application with the State Commission Assessment Panel

  • Managing utility installations (water, electricity, gas), storm water draining and sewage connections

  • Preparing final land division plans and lodging the plan with the Land Titles Office

  • Issuing the new Certificate of Title

  • Paying you for your backyard

We will keep you informed as much or as little as you please throughout the process.

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Right now, your backyard is worth nothing.  We add value to your backyard by sub-dividing it, and then we buy it.

We take the risk of selling – that’s entirely on our shoulders. But even if property values drop, your price is locked in.

You can still live in your home and enjoy it – without the hassle of your cumbersome backyard - and without having to re-locate in order to downsize.

The two most common sub-divisions we do are:

  • Hammerhead sub-division, where a house is built directly behind your existing home

  • Corner block sub-division, where a new house is built to the side of your home

So give the expert Backyard Buyers – Smart PropertyOps – a call now to see if they can turn your backyard into a profit maker for you.